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86 is a speakeasy-style den with a hidden entrance, 86 is a throwback to the Prohibition-era establishments. Adorned in dimly lit antique lighting, this cozy gem features hand crafted classic cocktails, prohibition area spirits, and era specific snacks and small plates. A password is required to enter the unmarked door.


For access to this speakeasy, you must obtain a password first.  Click on the reservations button below to request a reservation and get your password.  Once you have a password*, walk through the main lobby of the Gordon Hotel and look for a door marked “Janitor”. Flip the switch that is to the left of the janitor door. Please only flip it once and wait for assistance. You will be asked for the password. Once a successful password is given, the doors will open and you’ll be allowed in.

Walk-ins are not allowed. If you do not have a password*, you will not be allowed in. Passwords change daily. To request a password*, you must make reservations by clicking the button below.

You will get an automated email letting you know that your reservation was accepted.  And day of reservation, you’ll get a text message with the password, so make sure you put a mobile number that will accept text messages.

 * passwords change on daily basis.

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